I missed the Freshers Week sign ups, can I still join? 

Of course you can! We also still run free 30 min taster sessions throughout the year, it’s never too late to start! Go to the Join Us page to find out more about tasters and how to join.

I keep missing the Facebook Posts is there any way I can be notified when someone posts? 

This is a common problem that is possible to rectify. Click here to go to the page about correcting this

What kit do I need to buy?

None! We provide all harnesses, shoes and belays that you would normally need to buy or rent out so saving you a lot of money! Some climbers who choose to climb outside of training sessions will buy their own however there is no need for this.

How often do you have socials?

We will run socials fortnightly throughout the year which will include all the favourites such as Three Legged Pub Crawl, Selfie Scavenger Hunt, Boozy Bowling and many more! Along with a few calmer visits to the pub and meals after climbing sessions. We also run a Christmas Dinner every year to provide the chance for climbers to dust the chalk off and dress up!

How often do you run trips? 

Weather dependant these will be every 2 weeks. Climbing outside is virtually impossible in rain so trips may be cancelled at last minute however you will be fully refunded. We always run a yearly week long trip to the Forests of Fontainebleau in France in Easter and Sunny Cornwall at the end of term, so look out for the sign up emails for them.

I want to climb but I don’t have a partner, is that ok? 

Of course! Most people that join the club are individuals so people will naturally form groups of people of a similar ability who they will climb with. If you can’t find anyone then ask a committee member and they will make sure you are matched up with someone similar. We have also just launched this year a partner board, so feel free to write your details in this spreadsheet and watch out for new people who are potential partners! Click here for this link

I have no experience in climbing at all, can I join? 

Absolutely, we will fully train you to confidently belay someone up a climb as well as teaching you to safely climb yourself.

Does the club take part in competitions?

We do indeed, currently these are all bouldering competitions. We have a BUCS (British Universities and College Sport) team as well as a LUBE (London University Bouldering Event) and SWUBS (South West University Bouldering) among others. . If you are interested in joining one of these teams then talk to or email our Boulder Captain Emmy.

How do I join?

Check out the Join Us page

What kind of climbing do you do? 

Indoors we regularly do: top-roping, leading and bouldering. Outdoors we regularly run trips involving top roping, sport climbing, trad climbing and bouldering.

What do I bring on a trip?

Our trips vary in length from single day trips to week long so the kit you bring with you will vary a lot. We will email a short essential kit list for every trip so you shouldn’t forget anything important.

How do I find out about trips? 

Trips will be on the calendar as soon as they have been organised however you need to look out for emails from us on how to sign up to them. The sign up’s will also be put on the Facebook Group so you don’t miss out.

What does my membership fee get me? 

Check out the Membership Benefits Page to find out about what benefits your membership fee will get you.

I’ve got more questions, where can I get help?

Privately message our Facebook group for the quickest response or email climbing.captain@exeter.ac.uk

How do I sign up to Lead training?

Follow this link here  and write your name down, Tom will get in contact with you when there’s space available.