Committee 2016/17



From left to right:

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Top Row

Laurence Mitchell (Gear Secretary)

Eleanor Speed and Evie Morris (Social Secretaries)

Matt Coleman (Captain)

Lucy Harold (General Secretary)

Ben Seeley (Treasurer)

Bottom Row

Nick Mitchell (Trip Secretary)

Laura Clee (PR and Media Team)

Emmy Yatagai (Boulder Captain)

Tom Williams (Training and Development Coach)

Tilda Rose (PR and Media Team)


Captain: Matt Coleman



Favourite Climbing Memory: Chilling in sunny Font on the France Trip.

Random Fact About Yourself: When I was a child I got my head stuck in the railings at Buckingham Palace.

Advice for Beginners: Just climb everything and anything!









General Secretary: Lucy Harold



Favourite Climbing Memory: Climbing in the beautiful Dewerstone after 2 years at Exeter and thinking “why have I not been here before”.

Random Fact About Yourself: I’ve met Sean McColl! (But Tom had to ask for me)

Advice for Beginners: Climb lots, try everything and have fun!









Treasurer: Ben Seeley



Favourite Climbing Memory: Singing Disney songs and ABBA whilst learning to climb at the beautiful Dewerstone.

Random Fact About Yourself: Due to a stupid bet with a friend I am not allowed to say the word ‘vegan’.

Advice for Beginners: Have a go at anything you like the look of, don’t be put off if the grade tells you it’s too tough.









Tom Williams: Training and Development Coach



Favourite Climbing Memory: Please view photo (80s climbing day).

Random Fact About Yourself: I am a climber

Advice for Beginners: Talk to me







Boulder Captain: Emmy Yatagai



Favourite Climbing Memory: The time I got stuck on a belay ‘ledge’ high up on a rock face in Cornwall and cried for probably 45 minutes straight. I had to be rescued and the experience has confirmed my love of bouldering.

Random Fact About Yourself: My first lead climb was at 4200m in the middle of Peru.

Advice for Beginners: Always have fun above all else.







Laura Clee: PR and Media Team



Favourite Climbing Memory: My first ever trad lead in beautiful Bosigran, Cornwall. Equal parts terrifying and exciting!

Random Fact About Yourself:  This year I spent three weeks making costumes for a circus

Advice for Beginners: Don’t be put off by how much your arms hurt after the first session. It gets easier, and think of the amazing guns you’ll gain!









Tilda Rose: PR and Media Team



Favourite Climbing Memory: I was halfway up a cliff climb in Cornwall and saw dolphins in the sea below.

Random Fact About Yourself: I own 2 pet rats that I have with me at uni.

Advice for Beginners: Get involved in everything you can from Quay Sessions to Socials.










Nick Mitchell: Trip Secretary



Favourite Climbing Memory: Finishing the Langdale climbing race

Random Fact About Yourself: I shake when I climb for no known reason

Advice for Beginners: Just Climb







Social Secretaries: Eleanor Speed and Evie Morris

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Favourite Climbing Memory: First time climbing outdoors on the Swanage trip.

Random Fact About Yourselves: We are both dedicated vegetarians.

Advice for Beginners: Bring lots of warm clothes on trips, or you’ll end up looking like we did, dressed in everyone else’s spares and still freezing!



Gear Secretary: Laurence Mitchell

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Favourite Climbing Memory: 80’s climbers day on the Cornwall trip.

Random Fact About Yourself: I used to teach swimming.

Advice for Beginners: Don’t compare your climbing ability to anyone else’s, just enjoy the sport at your own pace.