The Barn Info and Spreadsheet Link

The Barn is a climbing centre located about an hour’s drive away from Exeter. We go here every Monday as it’s bouldering facilities that are better than the Quay Climbing Centre’s. It has a free standing boulder in the middle of the room so is perfect for anyone that loves low level climbing. We get a discounted entry rate of £3.00 which you will need to pay ontop of paying your driver. You will need to sign up to a car beforehand on a spreadsheet.


Click here to access the Barn Spreadsheet for signing up for the sessions on Monday. You will need to pay your driver £3.00 for giving you a lift there and back.

Cars are normally added to the list between Friday and Sunday so don’t worry if there’s only one car going on Saturday, keep checking. You must text your driver to let them know you have added your name otherwise they will get no notification of it and may leave without you! If you are a driver and would like your name to be added to the spreadsheet please contact Tilda (