What’s On?

Club Calendar:

This calendar will have all the latest dates and times for club activities as well as all the regular activities such as club sessions and yoga. With regards to trips, the calendar wil be updated with rough dates. This is only rough as climbing trips are so weather and driver dependent that we might be required to change dates closer to the time. Specific trip dates will be confirmed before the relevant trip sign-up is published.

Monday – Bouldering at the Barn or Hangar.

What is it: The Barn is a great bouldering centre found outside of Exeter. We try to get as many people along as possible (driver dependant) to spend the evening working on all the various problems set there. This is a great place to work on your bouldering and practice topping out on boulders (super useful for climbing outdoors).

Time: 6-11pm

Cost: centre entry £3 (Barn) or £6 (Hangar) + petrol money (≈£4-5).

Sign up: the spreadsheehere.

Tuesday – Yoga at Streatham Sports Park Studio 3.

What is it: Hour long yoga sessions provided by our lovely professional instructor. Here you can build up your flexibility for climbing, unwind and find your inner zen… or realise just how inflexible you are and have a laugh with almost everyone else who will likely be in the same position as you.

Time: 5-6pm.

Cost: £3.50

Sign up: here or on FIXR (just search University of Exeter Climbing Club Yoga)

Wednesday – Club Session at Quay Climbing Centre

What is it: The Quay Climbing centre is Exeter’s local climbing centre. Here there are top-ropes, lead walls and bouldering rooms. Perfect for everyone from beginners to 8a climbers. The committee will be down there with club kit which you can borrow free of charge for the whole session. We will also be providing top-roping and lead climbing lessons (worth up to £200 combined), again for free! All you need to pay is the entry fee of £4 but once you’re there you can stay as long as you like.

Time: 4-7pm.

Cost: £4 centre entry fee

Sign up: Top rope lessons: sign up here. Taster sessions: here. Lead lessons: here. 

Thursday – Socials!

What is it: Climbing socials are a great place to meet other members of the club and find new climbing partners. Throughout the year we run a fantasitc variety of socials, from pub trips to boozy bowling and Christmas Dinners. Information about socials will be posted on the Facebook group in advance so keep your eye out for them!

Friday – Club Session at Quay Climbing Centre

What is it: This is the same as Wednesday’s session, just a little later. Entry will be £4 and all the kit and lessons will be available in the same way. It’s a great way to end the week and get strong for the weekend trips.

Time: 7-10pm

Cost: £4 centre entry fee

Sign up: 

Weekend – Trips!

We have trips all across the UK and even some abroad! Almost all of these trips will be available to people of all abilities, so don’t hesitate to sign up. Some will be just for an afternoon on Dartmoor whilst others will be residential trips over a whole weekend. Here are some of the places we regularly go on trips to:

  • Swanage
  • Snowdonia/North Wales
  • Peak District
  • Cornwall
  • The massive range of crags across Dartmoor
  • Portland
  • Fontainebleau, France



Fresher’s Week 2018


Monday – Meet us on campus!

We’ll be there to answer any questions you might have about the club. Today will also be the opportunity to sign up for our Haytor Trip on Wednesday (get there early though! Last year all the spaces were filled up in 45 minutes!)

Tuesday – Free Taster Sessions at the Quay! 

Come down to The Quay Climbing Centre, where we shall be running tasters – here you get the chance to try out both roped climbing and bouldering (un-roped climbing lower to the ground with crash mats for protection).

Wednesday – Hound Tor Trip! 

For everyone who signed up (on Monday) for the trip, we shall be shuttle-bussing people from campus out onto Dartmoor for a taste of what our club trips are like, with some outdoor climbing!

Thursday – More taster sessions at the Quay and a SOCIAL! 

If you missed out on the chance for taster sessions on Tuesday, fear not! We will be running taster sessions again. So come on down to The Quay Climbing Centre.

In the evening we shall be having a social which will start out at the Ram on Streatham Campus. This will give you a chance to meet the committee and fellow students who want to join. Further details to be confirmed.

Saturday – Freshers Fair. 

Come find us in the Sports Hall, we’ll be in the far corner below all the climbing holds.


Membership Benefits:

As a member of Exeter University Climbing Club you will receive many benefits including being a part of the wonderful climbing community around the world:

  • Discounted entry price at the Quay Climbing Centre of £4.00 (usually £8.00) during club sessions and at all Off-Peak times (before 4:00pm on weekdays). Or £40 monthly membership for unlimited entry.
  • Discounted price and transport to The Barn Climbing Centre of £3.00 (usually £7.00) on Monday evenings.
  • Free coaching into climbing by one of our trained Committee members, teaching you how to belay someone up a climb, as well as to safely climb yourself so you can climb completely independently and without supervision.
  • Free kit hire at Club Sessions. We will give you all kit you need in order to climb indoors including a harness, shoes and a belay device. We will also provide all the necessary kit to climb outdoors on our trips, so you don’t need to buy anything.
  • Access to fortnightly outdoor trips  (weather dependant) with the club at subsidised rates (all kit included) as well as being able to come on our famous annual week long trip in France.
  • Great socials including our infamous Three Legged Pub Crawl, Selfie Scavenger Hunt and Boozy Bowling all throughout the year.
  • Discount at Taunton Leisure in Exeter: 20% for climbing gear as well as bigger discounts at lock-ins.


To Join:

You can join the Climbing Club at any time during the year, just come down to one of our club sessions (4-7pm Wed, 7-10pm Fri) at the Quay Climbing Centre. If you’re not sold on it yet, feel free to come down anyways and we can provide you with a free 30 minute taster session with one of commitee members. If interested in a taster session, please get in contact with one of the committee members on facebook (our group page is found here) just to ensure its not too busy!

Cost: £50 New members and £45 for Returning Members for all 3 terms.

As the majority of this membership fee is spent on a variety of other annual fees (e.g. BMC membership, Quay price subsidising), there is not a significant discount for those joining us in just 2nd or 3rd terms, however speak to a committee member and we’ll see what we can work out.